In the area Campaigns you can plan, edit and analyze emailings. Upon calling this module, the Campaign List is displayed automatically. Here you can see the campaigns you have already created but not yet dispatched.  

Campaign List

  The individual subsections are integrated into the menu boxes Overview & Functions (1), Reporting (2)and Campaign – Management (3)and will be explained below.

Overview & Functions

In this menu box you have the functions Campaign Cockpit (Campaign List) for listing any unsent campaign, and Mediabrowser, the file manager for the account.  

Campaign List

  Each line in the campaign list provides the most important pieces of information about a campaign: its identification number, the internal campaign name, the number of assigned recipients, content formats already created (HTML, Text) and the functions Campaign Splitting and Campaign Preview .   You can create a new campaign by clicking CREATE NEW CAMPAIGN.   A campaign can be selected by clicking the respective line. This opens a new menu box in the navigation bar to the left, containing the core functions for campaign management:   1. Editing campaign properties via Basic Configuration 2. Selection of recipients via Edit Distribution List 3. Creating and editing of email content via Add and Edit Content 4. Testing the campaign and fixing send time via Test & Send After sending a campaign it will automatically be removed from the campaign list and appear in the campaign report.   Show/ Campaign Filter   The campaign list can be filtered by categories and other criteria using the Show bar above the table. Categories are a basic setting for a campaign, another available filter is My campaigns, it only displays campaigns created by the user currently logged in.   Below the Show: bar all campaigns that haven’t been sent yet are listed. In each individual line you can view a campaign including following information:   No. Each newly created campaign obtains a unique number or ID which makes it identifiable in the system any time. This is useful in areas like Inbox or Campaign Report to have a reference to the campaign.   Description The description of a campaign is entered upon creatioin. This description is merely internal – recipients cannot see it. It primarily serves the purpose of giving you an organizing option, i.e. a brief unique identifier in case the subject line is rather ambiguous.   (Number of) Recipients When you have already added recipients (i.e. created a distribution list) the number of selected recipients will be displayed here. Please note that the number of actual recipients may differ, e.g. when several recipients have unsubscribed in the meantime. You can find more information on recipients and lists in the chapter „Edit Distribution List“. The number of recipients represents a link and, when clicked, opens a complete list of recipients and a selection of contact data for these.   e Time If the campaign is supposed to be dispatched in the future or currently in dispatch, you can see the set sending time here. Furthermore you are notified when dispatch is currently in progress.   Status Status is an initial quick overview check showing whether or not imperatively required conditions for the campaign have already been met: Recipients have been added HTML content has been added Text content has been added When all three symbols have a green check mark this means that there is a sufficient number of recipients (at least 1) and content (at least 1 article), hence the campaign can be dispatched. The check will be displayed once more at Test & Send.   Split this Campaign Clicking this button prompts a dialog for splitting one campaign into multiple campaign. For detailed instructions please consult Campaign Splitting.   Preview Clicking this symbol opens a preview of the campaign in a pop up window.   Selection Option You can flag one, several or all campaigns by checking the box at the end of the line. Then you can perform an action for the flagged campaigns like, for example, deletion via the button below the list. ]]>

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