The function Create new campaign generates a new campaign. On the page basic settings you can edit the basic dispatch options for a campaign. These settings can be changed lateron. Although you can create an empty campaign and edit the content later, we recommend naming it upon creation as a hint to you or other editors about what the campaigns content will be.

Kampagne anlegen

Create new campaign

Following basic settings can and must be done to guarantee proper dispatch:

Campaign Name

The campaign name serves internal administration purposes and is not visible for the recipients. Using most specific names including motive, topics, name of editor(s) and/ or send date facilitate finding and analysing the campaign lateron.

Email Subject

The function email subject assigns a subject line to the campaign. This subject can pe personalized same as the content with the difference that the name of the referred database field is integrated using double angle brackets (e.g. <>). Special characters can be used without a problem. Subject display in the most important webmail services can be checked using the function Rendering&Spamfilter Check.   The subject directly affects opening rates but also activation of spam filters, making it an essential aspect of campaign planning. The subject line can have any length, although short subjects usually generate higher resonance. The system cannot send out campaigns with empty subjects!

Email Sender Address

The new campaign will automatically be assigned the account name as sender address „Email Sender Alias“. This setting can be changed any time if needed. As a rule, this so-called „alias address“ will be displayed first by email programs and is independent from the physical sender address. The physical sender address is a special XQ:Campaign server address (e.g. Alternatively, XQ:Campaign can host a  customer specific subdomain like on our own servers and use it for the mailings and the measurable links. This subdomain cannot be used otherwise, though. In the XQ:Campaign system this subdomain can be used as sender and reply address, but also as host name for the measurable links of an account or several accounts.   In case subdomains or domain names differ in sender address and links, many mail programs suspect a phishing attempt and might classify the mail as spam.  

Assign a Survey

The field „assign a … survey“ enables you to optionally assign a survey to the campaign. Preconditions are that at least one survey has been prepared and is ready and unlocked. One email campaign can contain only one survey whereas one survey can simultaneously be assigned to multiple campaigns. Survey reports are differentiated on campaign level.]]>

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