Our Customer Service will provide your login data upon activation of your ordered account/s. Please open the login page you received from our Customer Service in your browser. In case you do not have this URL at hand, you can also use http://www.xqueue.de/login to log in, if you know which production system your accounts are hosted on.

After entering your user data (please mind case sensitivity!) you have all accounts available in a selection field. A user can sign on to multiple accounts at the same time but needs to undergo the login procedure for each account. After a certain period of inactivity in an account, you well be signed off automatically.

After three incorrect entries, your user name and user password will be blocked for 30 minutes in order to avoid abuse and manipulation by bots. User access will be unblocked automatically after 30 minutes for 3 new login attempts.

Currently you can choose between English or German as XQ:Campaign GUI language. The language can be selected on the top right hand side after logging on. [IMAGE] In this area of the interface your login status and name are displayed. You can sign off and end the session by clicking „log out“.

User Interface

After logging in you will see your account’s user interface where you can carry out all actions. See the picture below for the interface structure. BILD: User interface 1. Menu – The menu consists of two levels of navigation, the most important menu items have been categorized in tabs (campaigns, contacts, pages etc.), select one of these menu items to see the belonging sub-menu items. 2. Setup – Here you will find links to the setup areas and special functions like the help center. 3. Page (also: work area) – In this area you can see all continuative content for the selected menu items. Here you enter data, preview your email campaign, report details etc. Within the setup area, different settings are arranged in groups and can be extended or retracted for the sake of clarity.]]>

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