XQ: CAMPAIGN is a Software as a Service solution, in short: SaaS, which does not require any installation of software and enables the users to create, send and evaluate their email marketing campaigns online. This solution consists of one or more clients available on the Internet (German clients) are available. They contain certain features and functionality as well as a number of templates (English templates) for email campaigns a company. Each user has their own user account (user account) with defined rights, with which he can dial in to one or more locations.

This online manual is updated regularly. Older versions of PDF or printed manuals are to be regarded as out of date with this online edition.

System Requirements

Die The XQ:Campaign GUI only requires an up-to-date web browser. All data are stored on our servers, no local installation is necessary. Please check whether your browser is up to date and supports cookies and Javascript execution. No additional browser plug-ins are required. For optimal representation we recommend a screen resolution of at least 1024×768 pixel, resolution should not be below 800×600 pixel.

Web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer are constantly subject to change and updates, sometimes even monthly. We can therefore only strive to adjust our system GUI as promptly as possible to changes in the web browsers. Complete compatibility with all browser versions is not possible at any time. Please inform us about errors and noticeable problems so we can fix these as soon as possible.


XQ:CAMPAIGN is provided on several independent server platforms. This way it is possible to offer dedicated mailing systems and to improve balancing for multiple accounts that share a platform. For you as a user this only matters when signing on, since each system uses a login page of its own. You can host and operate all your accounts (see below) on one system or on several systems. We are happy to advise you of the pros and cons.


An account is the administrative framework making the various platform functions accessible to the user. Its main feature is the administration of an enclosed address pool.

The platform core functions like email dispatch or surveys are independent modules. These modules and the functions they contain are either available per default or can be activated optionally. A row of features can be customized to your needs. In case address data pools should be separately administered (e.g. for marketing in different countries), we recommend setting up several accounts.

Account can be organized in parent and child accounts, you can allocate an arbitrary number of child accounts to a parent. The number of hierarchy level can be expanded flexibly. Access rights can be individually set within this account structure. Another advantage is the possibility of passing content from parent to child accounts and thus achieving a certain CMS function.

Accounts with Trial status are meant for a test phase where no costs are involved but certain features are only accessible to a limited extent. The maximum size for a campaign distribution list is 50 contacts. Dispatch is limited to 2,500 mails a month.


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