In Campaign List, click a campaign which hasn’t been dispatched yet to create a distribution list for it.>

This will add the link Edit Distribution list in the menu  Campaign – Management  which provides four options for entering contacts into the list.

Your mailing lists are dynamic. This is why they don’t obtain names or IDs and are an integral part of the campaign for which they are created.

The four tabs provide different contact selections which will now be explained in detail.


This tab shows simple selections which, for example, add all contacts from your database to the distribution list or remove all contacts from it.


With the help of the two selection options you can add all active contacts (Status = A) from your contacts database to the list.

The first line shows how many active contacts are available for selection. Just check the box „select them all“ and confirm with „OK“ in order to add all active contacts to the list.

The second line shows how many contacts your list already contains. If you want to empty the list quickly, for example to start selection anew, just check the box „remove them all from this list“ and confirm with „OK“.

Before adding all active contacts to the mailing list you can view these in a new window. For this, click the button „show all“. You will now view a list of all available contacts including the most important master data fields. Furthermore, using the link „Export list“, you can download your contacts to a CSV file from this pop up window.

Clicking the button „show list“ after adding contacts provides a view of the list itself.

File Import

Import from csv- (comma rep. tab- separated values) file – this option is identical with the regular contact importation but additionally adds all newly imported contacts to the selected distribution list simultaneously.

Import List

Contact Field Selection

Here recipients can be selected based on their contact data fields. You have the possibility to define the desired selection criteria by using suitable logical concatenations and operators. For example you can select all contacts where the field “Email address” holds the character string “” or where there is a specific remark in one of the contact fields.

Basically the filter can be adjusted to either add contacts matching these criteria to the list or remove them from it. With the help of this filter, you can thus clean up the distribution list by removing certain contacts. By default, the selection fields will be set to “Add subscriber”.


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