After selecting contacts for a list the system will begin assigning these contacts to the final distribution list. This process is very computation-intensive, so multiple lists will be processed one after the other. To enable a constant view on the status of each list, the view will automatically switch to distribution list history. This area can be called any time, for example to view past list generation.

Distribution list history is only available for campaigns which have already been created but not dispatched yet. A similar area would be Import Protocols in the Contacts section, the differences are explained in the respective chapter.

Two different types of  Edit Distribution List procedures are listed:
  •  Data selection (Distribution list created from contact database, e.g per response selection)

  •  Data importation (Distribution list created from CSV file)

    The table shows various information about the respective procedure:

    Status – Finished shows that the process has been completed. Waiting shows that another process is currently in progress and needs to be completed first. In Progress shows that the procedure is currently in progress. Progress – Only available for lists created by CSV import and status in progress . Shows the percental progress in the importation procedure. Details – This link opens a details pane where the entries for the selection done or the CSV importation are shown. User – Name of the user who has initiated the process Data Source – Shows whether the list has been created with data from the contacts database or via CSV importation. The file name will be displayed for the latter.

Details of Data Selection

Details of Import

The pane Details File Import contains a link for exportation of all invalid data sets which could not be processed when importing. The exported file format will be CSV.


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