This page provides various tests and information helping you in conducting an error-free and successful dispatch. We highly recommend to perform all tests thoroughly. Once sent, the campaign can neither be modified nor repaired.

Some of the tests are optional and partially subject to costs. It is also here where you can set the campaign for future dispatch. The page performs and offers various tests to ensure delivery to as many recipients as possible, and in optimal condition (clean reproduction, no spam indexing etc.). testsend  

Notes on this page

The XQ:Campaign System checks automatically whether or not certain tests have been run and what the results are. When there are reasons to inform you about a possible problem, the site will display a yellow or red warning triangle with a notice or warning text. When a test has been completed and no possible problems have been found, a green hook will be displayed. testsend2 [subpages] testsend3   Please do mind warnings on this page before you dispatch the campaign. Severe and expensive problems may arise when sending campaigns having critical problems like, for example, missing content.  ]]>

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