Campaign Name vs. Email Subject The first two lines display the campaign name and its subject. If these are identical a note will be displayed on the right hand side, asking you to check once again whether or not this is intended. The campaign name is only used internally in the XQ:Campaign system in order to facilitate campaign identification. Please check whether you really entered the desired subject.

Sender Alias or Sender Name

This line shows the sender name for this campaign. If no sender name exists a warning will be displayed.

Reply-to Address

Here the system checks whether an email address is used for the campaign, and which address it is, in order for the recipients to send an email reply to it.

Distribution List (Active Contacts)

This check validates whether the campaign has a valid distribution list with at least 1 email recipient holding status „active“. Please mind that the displayed number can differ from the number in the area „create distribution list“. The list is permanently updated, for example unsubscribes occurring after list creation will be substracted from the list, thus diminishing the displayed number of recipients in Test & Send.


Here the campaign is checked for HTML and text content. At least one article must be created in order to enable dispatch. Furthermore you have the option to call the campaign preview using the icon.]]>

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