This product creates costs and requires one-time activation for your account upon order. You can find the respective terms in our current price list. For products involving costs which can be activated online, you will receive all terms and agreements during the activation process and afterwards via email. The costs involved will be quoted in the regular monthly invoices.

Check your newsletter in various web mailers and clients prior to dispatch. To simplify this, we offer a test with costs of our technology partner . The test will professionally and swiftly check more than 20 of the most important mail clients and spam filters in one run. A real email will be sent to and forwarded to the various mail clients from there. In the test screen you will soon receive screenshots showing how the mail is rendered in the various inboxes, and spam scores for the individual spam filters.

Please note that the test may run for several minutes, depending on the processing speed of the service provider and accessibility of the tested email service providers.

The rendering test for Outlook 2003 and Google Mail is free of charge, the Render & Spam filter test expert creates extra cost per performed check.


Rendering & Spam Filter Test Free

Click the button „free“ to run the complementary test for Outlook 2003 and Google Mail. ring the test a loading symbol will be displayed in the preview pics, upon completion you will see a thumbnail of the inbox screenshot. Click this thumbnail for a full screen inbox view. This test can be run as many times as you like without causing any extra cost. freeofcharge  

Rendering & Spam Filter Test Expert

Click the button in the area Render & Spam Filter Test Expert to run the entire test. ring the test you will see a loading symbol in the preview pics. When completed, a thumbnail of the inbox screenshots will be displayed. Click this thumbnail to display a full screen version of the inbox view. Underneath the inbox thumbnails there is a list of all the checked spam filters and the delivery tests. startnow

Views for Inbox Screenshots

View buttons for the various possible e-mail inbox views above the detailed view images: inbox01   Here you can toggle displayed images, blocked images and window mode. This option is partially not available for mobile devises like smartphones, however you can scroll the screenshot using the keyboard arrow keys or the displayed buttons.]]>

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