Enter Date for Automatic Sending The campaign scheduler can be found beneath the item „Schedule campaign“ and offers a convenient function for sending a campaign automatically at a pre-defined point of time. Day and time for dispatch are freely selectable and adjustable. Furthermore, immediate dispatch is possible as well. The settings made in the scheduler are not effective until confirmed by clicking the „Save senddate“ button. set-time   set_time2   Prior to dispatching the system checks whether or not content is existing, regardless of the method used for scheduling (manually started or scheduled). This is to avoid sending campaigns without content. If no content exists, the campaign will be marked red in the campaign overview, the date will be reset if necessary. When activating such a campaign, the user will receive a notice about the missing content.

Rule-based Dispatch

Besides timed dispatch, emails can also be sent based on events or rules. Examples are birthday mails or emails for double-optin or confirmed-optin. These functions will be individually released and configured by our customer service, based on the specific customer requirements.


Pre-Processing already generates the emails prior to the actual send time, based on the distribution list and the profile properties. Later the mails merely need to be physically sent, enabling very high dispatch performance (several hundred mails per second). Campaigns or accounts with pre-processing requirements will be individually supported and configured by the XQ:Campaign system.]]>

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