We recommend running one or more test sendings before actually dispatching the campaign. A test sending will submit the prepared email in the desired format to an own address or a pre-defined group of recipients. Thus you can identify rendering problems in different email programs, test link functionality etc. In addition, by test sendigs to web mailer addresses you can find out whether the emails are blocked by spam filters. Minimal changes after final content approval should always be tested, too. Test sendings can be run using the link testmailTest email on the page Test &Send, or from the campaign preview under add &edit content using the icon testmailSend a test campaign.

Test Lists

To speed up testing we recommend prior creation of suitable lists with test contacts (e.g for the editorial board) to have the email checked before conducting the regular dispatch, or to compare rendering in various web mailers. The email address of the currently logged in user is automatically available for test sending. To create a test list you need to name it first. Enter the name in the field „Name of new list“, then assign contacts to the list. This is done by selecting the list from the drop down menu „select/ manage testlists“. For adding contacts, search the contacts database for a contact (Find) or create a new contact manually (attention: the new contact will be added to the database and thus be available as conventional contact!). You can remove contacts from the test list by unchecking the box at the end of a contact line.

In case a newly created contact has already been existing in the contacts database, the system will use those data for test sending. The database entry for the contact will not be updated. Please switch to „contacts“ in order to modify contacts systematically.


Test Mail Sending Format

Test mails are generally dispatched in Multipart format unless a certain format (e.g HTML only) is specified in the contact profile. If you want to dispatch the test mail in Mulitpart format for all recipients, just select the checkbox Multipart (HTML and Text) in the test & send dialog. The setting for „channel“ in the individual contacts is not changed by this but will be ignored for this test dispatch and executed in Multipart.]]>

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