Order Given – Next Steps? This section provides important information for new customers concerning the steps to be taken upon conclusion of the contract with XQueue. Which facts need to clarified, what information needs to be exchanged? Find the answers here.


A dedicated subdomain is required for sending emails via Maileon. Each account must have a different subdomain, and this subdomain must not serve any other purpose than email dispatching. [i]icon-warning-sign[/i] The following information is for sysadmins and webmasters!

Request Subdomain from Your ISP

The first step involves requesting the desired sender subdomain from your own internet service provider (ISP) if you haven’t already done so. Only the technical operator of your own website with access to the DNS settings can set up one or more subdomains with correct reference to the main domain. This can sometimes be done by your own web administrator, provided that this person has the required access to domain name administration. The information provided here should be made available to the host/ zone master or DNS administrator in charge in order to configure the required DNS settings.

Configure the DNS Host Server (external DNS)

The Maileon DNS server will be configured to be responsible for the sender subdomain. For this, the DNS settings need to point (by NS record) to the following DNS records (please enter both, not just one!): ns0.isprit2.de    ns1.isprit2.de [i]icon-info-sign[/i] Please note that registration of a new subdomain may take up to 24h. Please set your subdomain up in good time before the first planned mailing (at least 24h prior) so that the subdomain can be dissolved smoothly. Otherwise, in worst case scenarios, images may not be displayed and links may not be dissolved. Reporting integrity cannot be guaranteed either.

Alternative Subdomains offered by XQueue

Alternatively we can integrate on of the subdomains offered by XQueue:
  • e-mailnews.de
  • e-mailnews.ch
  • news-mailer.com
  • news-mailer.eu


The design for your newsletter templates can be provided by yourself or created by XQueue. Several coordination rounds may be necessary where the design will be adjusted to the technical requirements of our platform, on the other hand your ideas should be integrated into the final design as precisely as possible. XQueue will bill design creation on an hourly basis. Please revert to our sales department for further information. The established format for design files is PSD.


Following the initial online demonstration where you get to know the system functions you can order further trainings and workshops. XQueue offers inter alia: initial template counseling, enhanced system training, conceptual strategy workshops for email marketing, kick-off workshops and many more.  Please contact our sales department for detailed information about prices and conditions when interested in further training. Although you can theretically operate Maileon without further training we highly recommend at least a basic training in order to profit from the potential the platform offers.

Subscription Process

You can find valuable recommendations for the subscription process here.

Subscription Page

XQueue will deliver your account including a DOI mailing. For this the following information is required in advance: subject, sender name and DOI mail text.

Subscription Method

The double opt-in method guarantees best protection against abuse, and provides legal certainty. We highly recommend using only this method. The potential subscriber will receive an email after clicking the „subscribe“ link. We call this a DOI (double opt-in) mail. The DOI mail contains a confirmation link and the registration will not be valid until this link is clicked – the subscribers need to log in to their email account in order to read the DOI mail and click the confirmation link, thus verifying that they are indeed the mailbox owners. We recommend asking your data protection commissioner for the best possible content in order to ensure that the legal requirements are met. It is also recommendable to inform the subscriber about the DOI mail. The DOI process can be initiated at „Mailings/ DOI drafts“ and configured at „Settings/ Dispatches/ Double Opt-in“. After the subscription process has been completed successfully you might wish to send a friendly welcome mail, perhaps with a little welcome gift included.

Landing Pages for Successful/ Unsuccessful Completion of Subscription

After subscribing succesfully, i.e. clicking the DOI mail confirmation link, it is recommendable that the subscriber is directed to a so-called „OK page“. Here you can confirm subscription to the recipients and welcome them. In case of an unsuccessful subscription attempt we recommend informing the interested persons by taking them to a so-called „ERROR page“. Here you can inform about possible problems and encourage the visitors to try again later. If you prepare such pages they can be loaded into your account using the menu „Settings/ Dispatches/ Double Option“.

Landing Page after Unsubscribing

After a contact unsubscribes it is recommendable to confirm successful deregistration to the contact, taking her or him to a confirmation page. Smart marketers will express their regrets about the deregistration and try to win the contact back, perhaps by means of a special offer.

Contact Fields in Subscription Form

Theoretically you only need an email address in order to send your mailings to a contact. For reasons of data collection in order to create a substantial contact profile, and considering future reporting options, further values can be queried upon subscription (last name, first name, gender, birthdate, address, areas of interest etc.). The minimum information required to create a personalized salutation would be last name and gender (for a salutation such as „Dear Mrs Doe“) or gender (for „Dear John“). If you wish to query multiple values in the subscription form you should however mind that too many entries to be made might be considered an obstacle by potential subscribers. Many enterprises take the subscriber to a special page after clicking the confirmation link. On this page the subscriber can enter additional data and preferences. We call such a preference center a „profile change page“, since a subscriber may wish to change her or his preferences over time. A profile change page can be provided and loaded into your account on request by your Maileon service partner.

Email Address Quality – XQ:AddressCheck

When gathering email addresses, mainly via online forms, type errors occur frequently which leads to undeliverable emails. This causes response loss for the sender. In order to reduce this error rate XQueue has developed XQ:AddressCheck , a set of intelligent validation services which can significantly lower the error rate for the email addresses entered, thus opening the way to more and better emails.


Eventualyly email marketing serves the purpose of improving customer loyalty and sales figures. If you are unable to analyze opening and click behavior of individual recipients, a targeted reaction is hardly possible. For this reason we recommend to obtain the recipients‘ consent to single user tracking right upon registration, for instance by using a checkbox. Without such consent you would only have general reporting figures and anonymized email addressess at your disposal since XQueue takes data protection requirements very seriously – also in your interest. Taking into account that only the double-opt-in procedure is legally safe (for German-based providers), the only permission method we can recommend is “Double Opt-in including consent to single user tracking„.                                ]]>

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