1. Request Subdomain from Your ISP The first step involves requesting the desired sender subdomain from your own internet service provider (ISP) if you haven’t already done so. Only the technical operator of your own website with access to the DNS settings can set up one or more subdomains with correct reference to the main domain. This can sometimes be done by your own web administrator, provided that this person has the required access to domain name administration. The information provided here should be made available to the host/ zone master or DNS administrator in charge in order to configure the required DNS settings.   2. Configure the DNS Host Server (external DNS) The Maileon DNS server will be configured to be responsible for the sender subdomain. For this, the DNS settings need to point (by NS record) to the following DNS records (please enter both, not just one!): ns0.isprit2.de    ns1.isprit2.de [i]icon-info-sign[/i] Please note that registration of a new subdomain may take up to 24h. Please set your subdomain up in good time before the first planned mailing (at least 24h prior) so that the subdomain can be dissolved smoothly. Otherwise, in worst case scenarios, images may not be displayed and links may not be dissolved. Reporting integrity cannot be guaranteed either.  ]]>

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