Maileon – Functional Overview

XQ: Maileon is a professional newsletter software you can use online through our web platform. In your account you have flexible access to your emails at any time to benefit from the powerful functionalities our software offers. With our newly developed and patent-registered special technology we have made XQ:Maileon even better, particularly aiming at flexible and uncompromising usability. Our innovative email newsletter software comprises 10 years of profound knowledge and experience in email marketing, 2 years of development effort and feedback from more than 700 customers. We are proud of the result. [frame]Please note that some of the functions described in this help system are a products or modules which need to be booked extra and may create additional cost. Please contact your Maileon service partner for additional information.[/frame]

Technical Requirements

The following system requirements are necessary for optimal display and operation of MAILEON:
  • minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 800 px
  • latest version of your browser (directly supported: Firefox, Chrome)
  • latest Flash version
  • we recommend using cookies
  • since we use state-of-the-art graphics technologies, your graphic card driver might require an update in order to display the 3D click map.
  Maileon Newsletter Software allows:

General Information

  • High-speed Email Marketing due to a generation rate of more than 100 million emails per hour
  • CSA Affiliation ensures delivery with most German ISPs
  • eco Affiliation
  • Ispa Affiliation
  • Availability 24/7
  • Safeguarding Against Failure due to redundant server structures
  • Servers located in Germany to ensure compliance with applicable EU data security
  • Data Backups performed daily
  • Data Integrity by using up-to-date firewalls
  • Multi-tenancy for easy customer and account management
  • Products allowing custom-fit configuration of each individual account
  • Regulation on Account Level for limitation of send volumes
  • Transparency for Distributors through itemization of customer activities via GUI or email notifications
  • Standardized API to link up with external systems

User Interface

  • Intuitive User Interface, designed using up-to-date usability knowledge
  • Standardized UI Components provide consistency and reduce familiarization time
  • SSL Encryption in the entire platform area
  • Adaptability for individualization of informational content
  • Workflow & Process Orientation in the platform key areas
  • Collaborative Creation of mailings is supported
  • Adaptive Complexity to decrease the degree of intricacy
  • Partner Theming for uniform external partner presentation
  • Client Theming for customer-specific branding
  • Multilingualism: currently available in: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Hungarian, Turkish, Russian, Czech and Polish
  • Browser Compatibility  for all current variants and versions
  • Rights & Roles Concept on functional and navigation level
  • Search and Sorting Functions in table listings

Content Management

  • Mailing Types divided into emailings, trigger mailings and DOI mailings give a clear overview
  • WYSIWYG Editor for easy content processing
  • HTML Editor as an alternative to WYSIWYG templates
  • Context-sensitive Drag & Drop for an intuitive generation process
  • Client-specific Emailing Templates offer a standardized first step into generation
  • Sample Articles can be integrated into the emailing templates using drag & drop
  • Reusability of all emailing and article templates, saving editing time for future activities
  • Media Library allows storing basic media elements including attachments
  • Article Library allows storing your sample articles
  • Responsive Design for display in miscellaneous contexts can be integrated
  • SWYN Module for integration of functions, helping with virally spreading your mailings
  • Image Processing Functions allow processing of minor graphic tasks directly in mailings
  • Image Slicing for easier generation of graphic-intensive mailings
  • SmartContents allow getting mailing content from external systems
  • Template Kit allows generation of your own emailing and article templates without programming skills
  • Display Filtering, based on contact filters, device groups or context
  • Table of Contents as automated function within the template
  • Content-related Hints provide information about the current editing stage
  • Device Type Preview assuring display on various device types
  • Individual Contact Preview to check integrated personalization
  • Quality Assurance Measures to reduce potential for errors
  • Splitting Wizard allows checking multiple variants prior to dispatch
  • Send Time Options allowing individual mailing delivery on contact level – at the time of the highest response likeliness

Evaluation Potential

  • Innovative and Interactive Visualizations available
  • Live Reports offering current insights
  • Reporting Toolkit allows customizing of existing standard and special reports, based on contact and mailing filters
  • Standard Reports for openings, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes, dispatch volume, contact portfolio and mailing lists
  • Special Reports like industry structure analysis, 3D click map etc. depict further analysis potentials
  • Comparison Reports possible for most standard and special reports
  • Key Figures and Scores transport information in a textual way
  • Data Export of practically any table listing
  • Report Subscriptions automatically inform the user
  • External Analytics for external benchmarkingfeasible for each mailing

Contact Management

  • Contact List for transparent and efficient contact administration
  • Contact Inventory Distribution as a visual information resource
  • Contact Filters allowing intuitive segmentation of your contact portfolio with the aim of reducing stray loss
  • FilterScore to qualify your segmentation
  • Contact Segmentation Options for the types contact field content, geo-reference, response information, mailing list or contact filter affiliation, contact events, contact import affiliation and contact-score based can be used as qualification for segmentation generation
  • Unlimited Number of Conditions for contact filter creation
  • Reusability in various platform areas
  • High-performant contact import – manually or automated via CSV lists with integrated dupe handling
  • Intelligent Contact Field Affiliation by including historic mapping profiles
  • Contact Import Tracking allows generation of contact filters along with contact importation
  • DOI Mails can be sent to imported contacts as an alternative to post-import permission specification
  • Contact Export based on contact filters
  • Contact Fields allow storing contact information and can be individualized as needed
  • Contact Events describe customer-specific event data transmitted via API
  • Data Enrichment after contact import for enhanced evaluation potential
  • Contact Jobs for enhanced contact inventory hygiene

List Management

  • Mailing Lists defining possible target groups for emailings, based on contact filters.
  • ListScore using the well-established asterisk system, for quick qualification of mailing lists
  • Default Lists contain contacts, based on contact filters, to be included in each regular emailing campaign
  • Test Lists based on contact filters are used for quality assurance measures in the context of mailing creation
  • Global  and Custom Blacklists for blocking individual email addresses or whole domains
  • Blacklist Import in CSV and ZIP format for integration of own flagged terms
  • ECG Blacklist as optional account extension matches  contact email addresses against the Robinson List

Marketing Automation

  • Program Editor to visually create a fully automated relay mailing
  • Node Element Types starting points, actions, branches and other junction elements help establishing your business process models
  • DOI Mailings for easy and legally safe acquisition of new contacts via subscription pages
  • Multiple DOI Processes allow varying DOI Mailings, depending on the subscription page
  • Trigger Mailings for creation of own automated emailing processes, not requiring any programming skills
  • Bulk Mailings in individual intervals, based on contact filters, RSS feed content or contact events
  • Individual Mailings based on system or contact events
  • Bounce Classification through self-learning algorithm with various options for action

Helpful Tools

  • Event Calendar informs about upcoming events or holidays with the character of an event
  • AddressCheck checks individual email addresses
  • Email Legal Guide includes all German verdicts and recommendations for action concerning email legislation
  • QR Code Editor enables easy QR code generation
  • Chi² Test statistically determines the risk that the response discrepancies of two mailings are based on coincidence

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