Automatic Contact Export via FTP Server Our system allows import or export of contact data using an account-dedicated or external FTP server. After activating the FTP server and performing a one-time configuration you can save time and efforts for manual file handling in the future. Please note: This is an add-on product creating additional cost. Please contact our sales department for further information. You can activate FTP transfer of resources at Settings/ Account/ FTP-Transfer of Resources/ Contact import (export) via FTP server: Activate FTP Transfer

FTP Server URL, User Name, Password

You will  be provided with an URL, a user name and a password upon product activation. There will be separate user names and passwords for contact export and import. From the next user login on the according menu items will be visible in the area Lists & Contacts/ Contact Export and Contact Import: „FTP Contact Export“ and „FTP Contact Import“. FTP ExportFTP Import Here you will also see your historic FTP imports and exports.

Contact Export via FTP Server Step 1 – Contact Data

The exportation workflow has 3 steps: Contact data, File format and Exportation. First, please click the button „Create automatic FTP contact export“. This will open the screen „Contact Exportation Step 1 – Contact Data“. FTP Export Step 1

General Settings:

FTP Export - General Settings


Please enter a meaningful name for the export here so that any employee will know what this export includes.  

Contact Filter:

Select Contact Filter Each export is based on a contact filter (even an export of all existing contacts). If the filter you desire is not included in the preset standard filters it needs to be created before you start creating an export.


Here you can determine whether or not the first row (header) of a file should be included in the export.

Contact Fields:

You can specify the scope of contact fields to be included in the export file. The column to the left, „available“, lists all fields for this account. Use the arrow keys to move the desired contact fields to the right column „used in export file“. FTP Export - Contact Fields

Response Information:

The scope of response information on single contact level can be specified for the export file. Same as for the contact fields, please use the arrows. FTP Export - Response Information

Contact Export via FTP Server Step 2- File Format

FTP Export - Step 2 Here you can specify the corresponding settings for the export file to be generated.  Currently the CSV format is supported. After setting the desired options you can check your results in a live preview.

File Formatting

In this area you can adjust certain file parameters.

Character Set:

Select the charset to be used in the export file. File formatting - Charset  

Data Field Separator:

Select the character to separate the individual data fields such as email address, salutation etc. You can choose from semicolon, TAB or space. However, we recommend using TAB or space since semicolons often occur in the address data, which would cause the data records to be separated at incorrect positions (if semicolons were selected as separators).  

Decimal Point:

Here you can select a comma (like e.g. in German) or a full stop (English etc.) to separate decimals from integers in case numbers should be exported.

Decimal Places:

Set a value between 0 and 4 for the amount of decimal places in case numbers should be exported.

Contact Preview

Here you can check the formatting settings once again. The values are displayed as they will appear in the export file, including the previously determined separators for data fields and decimals. Contact Preview   Now please click „continue“.

Contact Export via FTP Server Step 3 – Exportation

Select the provision method, the interval and start time of the export before finally creating the export.Please note: you can track the export staturs in the contact export overview.



Here you can determine whether the export should be performed daily, weekly or monthly. If you select weekly, another selection for the weekday will appear. Choosing a monthly export will show a selection list where you can pick a day in the month (1-31). Provision - TimeProvision - Interval  

Hour/ Minute:

Specify the precise time for the actual exportation.

Select FTP Server

Export to the FTP Server of this Account

Choose this option if you want to use our FTP server for this export. You will be able to view your access data after selecting this option: Account FTP Server  

Export to an External FTP Server

Select this  option if you want to use an external or own FTP server. Our system will then prompt input fields for certain required data: External FTP Server
FTP Protocol:
You can choose from FTP, FTPS or SFTP.   External FTP Server Select FTP Protocol
URL/ Port/ User name/ Password:
Trage hier bitte die entsprechenden des gewünschten FTP-Servers und  Benutzers ein.
File path:
hier ist im Format „/folder“ bitte ein Ordnername einzugeben. Dadurch wird der Zielordner für den Export festgelegt. Sind alle Einträge korrekt, kannst per Klick auf „Kontakte exportieren“ einen Export durchführen.

Contact Exportation Overview

The FTP contact export you have created is now visible in the overview at „Lists & Contacts“/ Contact Exportation Overview“. Export in Overview Das grüne Pfeilsymbol zw. Checkbox und Exportname zeigt an, dass der betreffende automatische Export aktiv ist. Export in Übersicht Von hier aus kann der Export, wenn gewünscht, per Klick auf den Link „manuell starten“ auch ausserhalb evtl. eingestellter Intervalle jederzeit manuell angestossen werden.  

FTP-Kontaktexport Details

Diese Seite öffnet sich, wenn auf den Namen des FTP-Exportes klickst (im Beispiel „all contacts – FTP). Sie informiert über die definierten Werte des jeweiligen FTP-Kontaktexports: Details  

Statistik der rchläufe des automatischen Kontaktexports

Im Bereich „Statistik“ findest analog zu den manuellen Exporten den Link „Berichte“: Berichte Ein Klick hierauf öffnet die „Statistik der rchläufe des automatischen Kontaktexports“. Diese Auflistung zeigt alle Export-rchläufe des automatischen Kontaktexports über FTP. Sollte ein rchlauf keine geänderten Daten enthalten haben, wird er nicht aufgelistet. Erweiterte Informationen zu den jeweiligen Exporten können über den Export-Bericht, aufrufbar durch Klick auf den Link „Bericht“, eingesehen werden. Statistik rchläufe Export Der Export-Bericht informiert über Bezeichnung, Exporter, Status, das Exportdatum, die Dauer des Exportes und die Anzahl der enthaltenen Kontaktzeilen: Kontaktexport - Bericht  ]]>

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