Active Trigger Mailings/ Trigger Drafts/ Trigger History Active Trigger Mailings Mailings are listed similar to the standard emailings, with just a few exceptions: In the workflow for trigger mailings you cannot assign a mailing list. Typical trigger mailings would be mails sent to individual persons triggered by a contact event, or a continuous consolidated dispatch. For these the mailing list is determined in advance. You cannot apply any changes to mailing when in „active trigger mailings“. Such changes would affect/ falsify reporting results, since some recipients would obtain different content than the others.

Trigger Drafts

Trigger History     The main difference in mailing creation lies in mailing creation, workflow step 5 „Dispatch logic & approval“ (which is step 6, named „Dispatch„, for normal mailings). In the section „Mailing Logic“ you need to select a „Type“. For a trigger mailing you would select either „Single dispatch for event“, „continuous consolidated dispatch“ or „RSS feed controlled collective mailing“.

Settings for Trigger Mailings at „Dispatch logic & Approval/ Mailing Logic

Mailing Logic

Single dispatch for event

The event „DOI link confirmation“ is already specified per default. In this case the mailing would be triggered when a recipient confirms the double-optin link, thus granting you permission to deliver mailings to this contact. Other possible options would be cart abandonment (requiring URL transfer via API and a timestamp), purchase, participation in a survey etc. You can find further information on this topic at „Lists & Contacts/ Contact Events“.

Continuous consolidated dispatch

Interval & dispatch: here you can select hourly, daily, weekly or monthly dispatch for the mailing and the desired send time. Trigger: can be a previously specified contact event or contact filter affiliation (with a previously specified contact filter). Incident: Here you can select the contact event if you had chosen „Event“ as trigger. Contact Filter Affiliation: Select the contact filter to trigger the mailing if you had chosen „Contact filter affiliation“ before. This field will be hidden for the other triggers mentioned above.

RSS Feed controlled collective mailing

RSS feed controlled collective mailing RSS-Feed-URL: please enter the URL for the desired RSS feed which will then trigger the mailing. Then you can enter the desired send date and time. Selection of RSS feed as trigger will show two more, otherwise hidden menus: „Dispatch Conditions“ and „Base contact amount“.
Dispatch Conditions
Minimum number: determines the minimum number of new RSS feed entries required to trigger a new mailing. You can select 1 to 10 entries. Product sorting: you have 3 options to sort the feed results within the article:
  • Date (ascending or descending)
  • Title (alphabetic sorting, ascending or descending)
  • Hyperlinks (ascending or descending)
Base contact amount
Here you can select the contact filter to be applied to the trigger mailing. The mailing will be delivered only to the contacts resulting in this.
Trigger Specific Ad Pressure
Dispatch limit: Please select here whether you want to limit delivery to a certain number of mailings within a specified timeframe. If not, please select „none“. Upon selecting „maximum“, 2 fiels will be shown where you can enter the maximum number of mailings delivered within a certain timeframe. This timeframe can be specified in the second field where you have the options daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.]]>

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