Marketing Automation

Node elements

The first element, which is available, is the element „Contact Event“. It can be used as a starting point for programs. There are several contact events previously created as a starting point are available. As the first action point is the element „trigger dispatch“ available. This can be used for a starting point, for example, to trigger a set here Mailing certain share of the contact event (trigger). In order to complete a program, the item „End of program“ is used. A program can have multiple endpoints, which may be provided with different names. Thus, the courses within the program in reports can be reconstructed exactly. The basic module „Marketing Automation“ is available to all users Maileon available, but must be activated once by XQueue or the supervising agency. If you are interested please contact you directly  

General usage

Marketing-AutomationMarketing automation is the use of automated marketing processes with the aim to conduct effective online marketing. This will, inter alia, implemented by repetitive routine tasks (workflow automation). XQueue refers to them as programs and will expand this area gradually. The „Marketing Automation“ is accessed through the same rider.]]>

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