Media Library

The media library serves as repository for your media items. These can be images, files (PDF etc.), QR-Codes, texts, articles, article templates or emailing templates. We distinguish between elementary media items (image, text, file) and articles containing these elements in the context of a layout, including structure and formatting options.  Here you can organize the media items in your account. There are 2 default main folders in each new account: Media Library - Overview
  • Own  Folder with the subfolders Attachments, Images, QR Codes and Texts.
  • Standard Folders with subfolders Images and Texts. The Images folder contains  a number of subfolders, alphabetically sorted and divided into categories (e.g. education or nature). XQ provides more than 3,500 licensed images. The texts folder has subfolders for unsubscribe pages, subscription pages, DOI confirmation pages, DOI mails, preheaders and welcome mails. Here you will find standard texts which you can use or modify as you please.
Open and close the folders using the arrow symbols.
Creating a New Own Folder
If you like to create a new subfolder to an existing folder, please mark the existing folder and click the green plus symbol. The menu „Create Folder“ pops up. Just enter the desired description and click the „Create folder“ button. Create Own Folder
Moving Media Items
Media Items Upon clicking a folder, the contained items will be displayed to the right. Now you can drag & drop items into another folder. To move all items at once, just mark the checkbox „all items of  this area“ first. You can add a search term into the search box on top of the item view, and the two icons can be uses to toggle display (list/ gallery). Clicking a single media item will show a preview of it. Display will include the item, a checkbox, the item name, its size and type (e.g. „image“). Media Item Details
These icons serve the purpose of (from left to right) adding an element, copying an element and deleting a previously marked element. The button „Add item“ further below can be used instead of the plus icon. The upload procedure will be further explained in the chapter „Media Upload“.

Article Library

Import articles from your mailings to the article library for future use. The default folder Articles and its subfolder Basic Elements will be in your account per default. An article basically consists of images & text. These elements can be grouped in various structures. The Basic Elements folder already contains some of these basic structures like Group Structure, Structure 2 Columns etc. Same as in the media library you can create further subfolders yourself. Exporting articles from emailings will be further explained in the context of the emailing creation workflow. Articles Article Library

Media Upload

Media Import Step 1 – Item Selection

„First upload the desired media items to the server. At this step the items will not yet be imported.“ Please click the „Add item“ button and upload the desired item. Press CTRL to mark and then upload multiple items in one operation. Now the items will be displayed in the menu with some additional information (name, format, status and target folder in media library). To delete uploaded items, please use the red „X“ button to the right. Add further elements to the upload by clicking the „Add item“ button once again. Please note: a warning may appear here concerning possible problems like for images with an extremely high resolution (DPI value). You can select the target folder for the items by clicking the folder name in the column „Target folder in media library“. In the menu „Change Target Folder“ please mark your choice and click „Apply folder“. Click „continue“ once you are done. Media Import Step 1

Media Import Step 2 – Item Description

=> „Describe the items to be imported for more reporting options to choose from later on. Another advantage is that the description will also be displayed for images which is demonstrably an instrument, especially facing image blocking, to improve success of an Emailing.“ Here you need to enter a description and the tags for the media item. Tags make it easier to find items. Please click „continue“ when done. Item description

Media Import Step 3 – Item Importation

Import Options: Here you can specify duplicate handling. plicates are media items you want to upload but which are already existing in your account. You have 3 options:
  • Provide duplicates as copy
  • Ignore (item will not be uploaded)
  • Overwrite duplicates
Media Import Step 3 Declaration: You need to mark the checkbox, thus declaring that no media items violating our General Terms and Conditions will be uploaded. Please click „Import media items“ when done. The media item(s) will now be uploaded.]]>

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