Article Templates

Article Template Library (Homepage)

This is where the results from the article template editor are stored. Article Template Library Any article template you saved can be found here. You can copy or delete templates using the usual icons, select list or gallery display and use the search function. For information on creating and saving article templates please consult the section „Media & Templates/ Template Drafts/ Article  Templates“.

Emailing Templates

Emailing Template Library (Homepage)

„In this library all available Emailing templates are listed. These can be selected as basis for creating or editing Emailings.“ Emailing Template Library Entire emailings from the content editor can be saved, too! Next to the checkbox and the column „Item name“ you can view the format (H or T for HTML or text) and the item size. Use the green arrow symbol to download an element. This feature is only available for users with at least partner role. As an XQueue partner you have some more options: The button „Upload emailing templates“ allows loading a new template into the account. Clicking the linked item name opens a details screen where you can see a graphical preview of the item. Emailing Details If you scroll to the bottom of this screen you will find the section „Common Details“. Here you can view information on creation date and author and edit the item name, add tags and enter a description. The next section „Specific Details“ provides information on the file size. Common and Specific Details]]>

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