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Various contact-related reports can be found here:

Operating System Use

This pie chart sets out which operating systems were used for opening your mailings, e.g. Linux, iOS, Android or Windows. The segments are color coded, „unknown“ will be used for non-identifiable devices. The KPI area provides information about the share of mobile, stationary and tablet devices.

Email Client Distribution

Here you will find information about the email clients and web mailers your mailings have been opened with, such as Thunderbird, Outlook, Applemail, Gmail etc… Same as for the operating systems, information about the opening ratio for mobile, stationary and tablet devices can be found in the KPI section. Contact Portfolio 1

Contact List Trend

This area diagram shows the evolution of the amount of contacts in your portfolio. The y-axis represents the number of contacts, the x-axis the time intervals. The areas are color coded to enable you to distinguish between clickers, mere openers (recipients who have opened but not clicked), non-responders and those recipients who haven’t been on a mailing list yet („not sent“). The KPI area provides additional information about the following figures:
  • contacts total
  • active contacts
  • „thereof by DOI“ (contacts who have used a DOI procedure in order to subscribe)

Age Groups

This report enables you to view your contacts differentiated by age – if this data is available as a contact field value. The bar chart shows the age groups in 4-year intervals (y-axis) and the total number of contacts (x-axis). In the KPI area you will find valuable information about:
  • average age (of your recipients)
  • „with indication of age“ (share of total contacts amount where age is known)
  • <18 years old and
  • >60 years old
  • average age of male contacts (if this information is available)
  • average age of female contacts (if this information is available)
Contact Portfolio 2  


Contacts by Domain Type

This donut chart informs about distribution domain types in your contacts‘ email addresses. The various color coded rings represent
  • „WIT“ (Webmailers, ISPs and Telco) Domains
  • business domains
  • other domains

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