User Management

User Profile

This area contains information on user profile and user interface specification, so it mainly provides information but you can adjust certain values. User Profile

General Information

Contact Address: Here you can view the email address of the currently logged on user which serves as user name at the same time. A new user needs to be created in case another email address should be used. Please consult the next chapter „User List“ for more detailed information. First & Last Name: The information here can be modified. Useful if there a typo had occurred with one of the names, or when a last name changes after a marriage. Password: When you click the link „change password“ two fields (enter password & repeat password entry) will be displayed. Change Password Access duration: Informs about the user’s status which can be unlimited, temporarily unlimited or inactive. See chapter „User List“ for more information. Roles: Displays the current user role. It can be changed in the Menu „User Management/ User List“. There are 4 standard roles: Account Administrator, Customer Service, Demo User and Editor. You can create custom roles in the section „User Management/ Roles“.


Maileon offers the possibility of automatically delivering certain reports to the specified user email address. Please click the link „Configure“ to specify the information to be delivered: Emailing Analysis Configuration Sendout Time: Use the selection list to specify how many days after completed dispatch should pass until you receive the reporting information. You can select 1-7 days. Limitations: Here you can determine for which emailings you want to have reports delivered, and for which contacts. a) Confine emailings using sending filters: Please select a previously specified dispatch filter (=> „Mailings/ Tools/ Dispatch Filters) like „all dispatches“, „last 3 dispatches“ etc. b) Confine contact data by contact filters: Please select a previously specified contact filter (=> „Lists & Contacts/ Contacts/ Contact Filters“) like „all contacts with status active“ to confined the number of contacts for the reports. Comparative Data „Within the report, further datasets can be provided as comparative data. These can be segmented using contact filters. This option will be activated automatically upon specification of a comparative data row.“ If you like to have a comparative report delivered you can add data rows for comparison by clicking the link „Add further comparative data series“. As an example you could compare a report for „all female contacts“ to „all contacts with status active“. Clicking the button „Save configuration“ takes you back to the User Profile screen where you finally can activate data delivery by marking the checkbox „Send e-mailing analysis to user email address“.

User Interface Settings

Theme: Here you can select a theme for Maileon using the drop down menu, provided that multiple themes exist for your account. The selected theme will be displayed for this user then. Please click the button „save settings“ once you are done.

User List

This list shows all existing users for your account. You can modify user data by clicking the user name or create new ones using the „Add new user“ button. The menus for user modification and creation are identical. You can view or edit the following values:
  • Contact address: same as the user name. This email address cannot be edited – if it has changed, or a typo has occurred, just create a new user and then delete the incorrect one.
  • First & last name
  • Password: only visible when you hold sufficient rights. Please click the link „Reset password“ and confirm the security query that follows to have a new password sent to the selected email address.
Reset Password
  • Access duration: chose from „unlimited“, „temporally limited until“ (use calendar to specify) or „inactive“
  • Assign role: assign one of the 4 standard roles: account administrator, customer service, demo user or editor.
  • User Interface Settings: select interface language and theme (if multiples themes are available) for the selected user.
Click the button „save settings“ when you are done.


View and edit information about assigned roles in your account. Column „Role“: The Role Overview displays all existing roles. Column „User“: Indicates how many users exist in your account for each role. To view details and specify rights, please click one of the role names.

Role Overview

Role Editor

Name: Shows the name of the selected role. The 4 standard roles cannot be modified or deleted as the info text says. Assigned Users: Lists the users who have been assigned the selected role. Please click the link „Add user“ to add a new user to this role. A popup screen with a selection list of all account users will appear. Add User to Role

Definition of Rights

Provides a detailed view of the rights assigned to the selected role. For custom roles you can modify the rights here using the checkboxes. You can unfold the Maileon menus and grant/ refuse rights for each individual submenu. A role can be understood as a conglomeration of individual access rights.


Rights Enhancement

Please mark this checkbox if you want the selected role to have access to future Maileon modules. Rights Enhancement]]>

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