Order Data Processing (ODP) in the sense of the BDSG (Federal Data Protection Act) means collection, processing or use of personal data by a service provider, ordered by the responsible entity. Section 11 BDSG describes in detail which rights, duties and measures have to be provided in detail in a contract between principal (responsible authority) and contractor (service provider).

You as the customer represent the responsible authority, XQueue GmbH the service provider by order. If you, for instance, collect email addresses and further subscriber data via a registration page on your homepage, and integrate these data into XQueue’s emailing platform, you provide the data  for us for collection (entry in registration form), processing (storing) and use (creation of mailing lists etc.).

Since processing of personal data occurs almost invariably in our business relations with customers, a separate order data processing contract (ODPC) is required. This contract governs the characteristics required for adherence to data protection regulations which XQueue undertakes to obey.

By the way: this does not depend on whether or not the personal data will be processed in your company, or whether or not due to your company’s size you are obliged to appoint a data protection officer yourself.

We offer such a contract to our customers because not every enterprise has one handy. It has been thoroughly examined by a lawyer of utmost trust and renowned prestige and corresponds to the BDSG in each instance. This contract needs to be filled and signed by both sides (principal and contractor) in order to be valid.


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