Yes, since XQueue has been founded we rely on one of the largest an most reliable European hosting providers – Claranet GmbH. From there we are operating several server racks, packed with state-of-the-art hardware. These racks are the property of Claranet GmbH who are responsible for providing power, cooling and fast datalinks. Claranet GmbH furthermore ensures using locations where protection of our server racks against third party access, break-ins and damage, e.g. caused by fire, is ensured.

Claranet GmbH or third parties furthermore do not have  access to our hardware in the racks, neither physical nor via network. All the hardware is property of XQueue GmbH. Our system administrators support and control our software and servers and do data backups as well. The racks are locked safely, only selected XQueue staff members have access to the keys. Strict access controls provide documentation and control about who had access to the racks, and when.

Why don’t we operate our hardware directly at our premises? Since safe server hosting and operation is not one of our core competences we put this task in the hands of an experienced hosting provider of our trust. However it is of utmost importance to us that sensitive tasks concerning data security and data protection (actual data processing) are performed solely by us.

Claranet GmbH Data Protection (DE)

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